International Journal of Economic Perspectives (ISSN:1307-1637)


Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2013.


1. Choosing Restaurant for Lunch in Campus Area by the Compromise Decision via AHP

Ceyhun C. KILINC, Mustafa SEMIZ, Elif KATIRCIOGLU, and Cagatay UNUSAN



2. The Effect of R&D Subsidies on Firm Growth in Taiwan

Kuang-Hsien WANG



3. The Impact of the Day-of-the-Week on the VIX Fear Gauge

Mahmod QADAN



4. The Impact of Socioeconomic Factors and Financial Access on Microfinance Institutions

Mohammed Abu ALI and Moh'd Al AZZAM



5. The Effects of Unemployment, Income and Education on Crime: Evidence from Individual Data

Rifat YILDIZ, Oguz OCAL, and Ertugrul YILDIRIM



6. An Empirical Note on US Stock Split Announcements, 2000-2009

Xiaoqi LI, Philip STORK, and Liping ZOU



7. Is the Economic Crisis Driving Western Laws Closer to Islamic Laws on Interest Rate Prohibition?



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