International Journal of Economic Perspectives (ISSN:1307-1637)


Volume 5, Issue 2, June 2011



1. R&D, Diffusion, Adoption and Productivity Growth: Literature Review




2. Asymmetric Business Cycle Fluctuations in Caribbean Economies

Khurshid M. KIANI



3. The Advantages of Trade Liberalization and of an Increase in Competition

Klaudja GUGA and Etleva LESKAJ



4. Information Sharing in Regular and E-mini Futures: An Analysis of Russell 2000 Small Cap Index Futures

Yu-Shan WANG and Huimin CHUNG



5. The Political Economy of Public Spending Decisions and Macroeconomic Performance

Mustafa ISMIHAN and F. Gulcin OZKAN



6. Stock Market Return and Volatility Relationship: Monday Effect

Hakan BERUMENT and Nukhet DOGAN



7. The US Subprime Mortgage Debacle and Implications for Wealth Inequality

Oscar T. BROOKINS and Kathryn J. BROOKINS


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