International Journal of Economic Perspectives (ISSN:1307-1637)


Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2011



1. The Role of Salary as a Motivating Strategy for Increasing the Quality and the Stability of the Public Administration in Albania




2. The Economic Analysis of Supplying Necessary Electricity of Watering Fruit Garden with Photovoltaic Cells System Established in Izmir

H. Ahmet AKDENIZ and Ismail ARSEL



3. Terms of Trade and Economic Growth: An Estimate of the Threshold Level of Terms of Trade for Malaysia

Jarita DUASA



4. Education and Economic Growth in Jordan: Causality Test

Fuad M. KREISHAN and Ibrahim M. AL HAWARIN



5. On the Predictability of Inflation Rate in Ghana: A Box-Jenkins Approach

Frimpong Joseph MAGNUS and Oteng-Abayie Eric FOSU



6. Democratic Institutions and Variability of Economic Growth in Pakistan: Some Evidence from Time Series Data

Bashir Ahmed FIDA and Muhammad ZAKARIA



7. Business Cycles, Financial Crises, and Stock Volatility in Jordan Stock Exchange

Samer A. M. Al RJOUB


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