International Economic Society

The International Economic Society (IES) aims to create a platform bringing together academicians from various sub-fields of economics, finance and computational economics including econometrics and statistics. Along with organising workshops, international conferences and educational programs, IES regularly publishes high quality international journals encouraging research activities of academicians, both experienced and novice, and presenting new contributions and perspectives in Economics and Finance to an international audience.

IES promotes contact among scholars and practitioners in the fields of Economics and Finance through the publication of journals, as well as the organization of seminars, conferences, and workshops where scholars and practitioners share practices and new developments.

The Mission Statement of IES is to

- publish high quality journals in Economics
- encourage new perspectives in Economics
- organize workshops, seminars and conferences
- arrange training programs


1. Due to expansion in the audience of International Journal of Economic Perspectives, its title has been changed to “Journal of Economic & Management Perspectives (ISSN: 2523-5338)” apart from Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2018. New and revised scope of this new title is available in the journal website.



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